2014 Local Self-Government

Complaints filed by ISFED with District Election Commissions

ISFED filed 18 complaints with Precinct Election Commissions (PECs), three of which have been rejected. ISFED filed subsequent complaints with District Election Commissions (DECs) seeking imposition of liability on PEC chairpersons and secretaries. 
ISFED filed 116 complaints with DECs mostly seeking imposition of liability on commission members, abolishment of summary protocols at polling stations (21 cases) as well as annulment of polling results (10 cases). 
As noted above, ISFED sought abolishment of summary protocols in 21 cases on various grounds (e.g. for not including some of the important data in summary protocols as prescribed by law at the following polling stations: N31 in Telavi, N76 and N85 in Batumi, N35 in Lanckhuti, N26 in Khashuri, etc.). Further, in 10 cases ISFED sought revision of polling results on grounds that summary protocols had been corrected without drawing up protocols of correction (e.g. polling station N30 in Kareli, N14 in Kaspi, N94 in Gldani, N24 and N39 in Dmanisi, N61 in Batumi, etc.).

Further, in 10 instances ISFED sought annulment of polling results due to the problem to reconcile numbers in summary protocols. The problem concerned the number of ballot papers exceeding the number of signatures on voter list at the following polling stations: N22 in Terjola, N19 in Khoni, N25 in Kaspi, N33 in Chokhatauri, N11 in Chughureti and more. 
At this time, DECs have satisfied 18 complaints, partly satisfied 14 complaints, rejected 6 and left 2 unconsidered (polling stations N9 and N24 in Lanchkhuti). Election commission mostly satisfied complaints seeking imposition of disciplinary liability. None of the complaints seeking annulment of polling stations results have yet been satisfied. 
DECs continue to consider these complaints. ISFED will update the information and present results to public accordingly.