2014 Local Self-Government

International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy presented the final report of monitoring of 2014 Local Self-Government elections

On October 17, the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) presented a final report of monitoring the local self-government elections of Georgia. 

At the 2013 local self-government elections, ISFED as an organization with the largest observation network, was actively engaged both in pre-election as well as Election Day and post-election monitoring.

ISFED observed June 15 elections, June 19 repeat elections and July 12 second round of the elections. Similar to previous elections, ISFED utilized innovative methods and technologies to monitor these elections. 

The final report published by ISFED provides a detailed account of all the facts that preceded the 2014 local self-government elections, and analyzes all positive o negative processes that influenced the course of the elections or its final results. 

The report also provides detailed recommendations of ISFED for improving the election environment and democratic processes in Georgia. 

Key recommendations focus on the Election Code amendments and in particular, changing the election system and reviewing the regulations of recruitment of election administration members. In its report ISFED once more highlighted the issue of improving voter lists by implementing a variety of measures. 

Full recommendations are available in final report of ISFED’s monitoring of 2014 local self-government elections available at www.isfed.ge