2016 Parliamentary Elections

ISFED files with the CEC seeking administrative measures against Centrists and prohibition of their campaign ad

On August 14, International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy filed a complaint with the CEC, seeking administrative measures against a political party, Centrists for illegal campaigning and prohibition of their illegal campaign ad. 

On August 13, 2016, Georgian Public Broadcaster aired free political ad of Centrists. The ad promised “Russian pensions in the amount of 400 laris; adoption of dual citizenship law; legalization of Russian military bases” and featured images of the president and the flag of the Russian Federation, the country that has occupied Georgia’s territories.  

Under para.3, Article 45 of the Election Code of Georgia, election campaign videos of political parties should meet the following requirements: they may not contain propaganda for war or violence, appeal for change or overthrow of the existing state and social order by violence, for violation of the territorial integrity of Georgia, for national strife and enmity, or for religious or ethnic confrontation. 

We believe that campaign ad/election platform of Centrists violates prohibitions stipulated by the election legislation. It contains appeal for change of the existing state and social order by violence and for violation of the territorial integrity of Georgia, and is directed against the country’s sovereignty. 

In its complaint ISFED relies on the Georgian Constitution and the Georgian election laws, as well as laws of Georgia on the Occupied Territories and on Defense of Georgia, parliamentary resolution on Military Bases of the Russian Federation on Georgian Territory, and Georgia’s National Military Strategy, National Security Concept and the Threat Assessment Document of Georgia for 2013-2016, approved by the Ministry of Defense of Georgia.