Social Media Monitoring - Fourth Interim Report

The election campaign produced on Facebook is distinguished by discrediting messages. The targets of the negative campaign on the pages are the ruling party, as well as the opposition parties and their leaders. After the first round of the elections, the information policy produced by the defamatory pages studied on Facebook became more aggressive. After the first round of the elections, the information policy created by the defamatory pages that were studied on Facebook, became more aggressive. Signs of negative campaigning were also observed on the Facebook pages of official parties, which was not typical for the official pages of election subjects until the first round of elections. This report describes the activity of the Facebook pages of political parties and municipality mayoral candidates participating in the elections, as well as the results of observations on anonymous and open Facebook pages operating for political and election purposes, and other important trends. The report presents officially, as well as anonymously ongoing activities on other social media platforms (Instagram, TikTok, and Telegram). ISFED monitors scrutinized 1 592 posts posted on Facebook during the reporting period. The pages identified by ISFED and the description of their activities are available on the interactive website -


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