Third Interim Report of Pre-Election Monitoring (August 5-20)

During the reporting period the election-campaign was more active. Compared to the previous reporting period (July 20 – August 5), number of political parties’ meetings with public increased.  Unlike the previous reporting period, no acts of violence have been reported. 

ISFED’s observers reported three cases that involved threats and pressure against representatives of local self-government authorities, as well as a single case of alleged vote buying and two cases of alleged abuse of state resources for pre-election purposes. 
Notably, during the reporting period two media outlets publicly alleged harassment by the authorities. Further, the Prime Minister decided to close down two media outlets owned by his family. 

The CEC Chairperson made an unexpected statement about resignation. NGOs have nominated their own candidate for the position before the president. The president has already made a statement about prior endorsement of the candidate.  

Notably, during the reporting period presidential candidates both from the ruling coalition and the parliamentary minority were registered with the CEC,  meaning that they are now officially subject to pre-election regulations and prohibitions prescribed by the Election Code. 

Overall, the campaign is peaceful. There have been several isolated incidents involving violation of election laws; no mass violations have been reported.

Third Pre-Election Report - Eng | ISFED

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