Promoting Electoral Integrity

Donor: National Endowment for Democracy – NED

Project Title: Promoting Electoral Integrity

Project Duration: 01.06.2020-31.05.2021

Grant Amount: $ 106,979



The overall goal of the project is to strengthen electoral integrity during the 2020 Parliamentary elections in Georgia. More specifically, the project will evolve around three objectives:

  • Countering sophisticated electoral violations by using experimental forensics research to uncover and expose the mechanisms and instruments used for intimidation, bribing voters, and abuse of state resources;
  • Improving awareness of local self-government officials and media representatives on election-related regulations and responsibilities;
  • Carrying out strategic communication outreach to European decision-makers with regard to election-related developments in Georgia through advocacy visits and effective information-exchange with diplomatic representations.



The project incorporates combination of activities to strengthen electoral integrity and contribute to improved electoral environment during the 2020 Parliamentary elections in Georgia. This includes:

  • Investigative electoral forensics research into the sophisticated trends of violations as well as into practices of the election administration;
  • Engagement with local self-governments to raise awareness on and prevent electoral violations such as abuse of state resources and intimidation;
  • Increasing awareness of media representatives on election regulations and responsibilities;
  • Engagement with international community along with advocacy visits to key European capitals (Berlin and Brussels) in order to support the watchdog activities and counter pressure from authorities.