2012 Year Parliamentary Elections - Statemant 22:30


Closing of the precinct and Election Day 
“International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy”is conducting the monitoring of the parliamentary elections throughout the entire territory of Georgia. For the 2012 parliamentary elections, ISFED observation mission consists of the 1271 accredited and trained observers that are deployed at the precinct, district and central election commissions, 73 mobile groups among them. 
ISFED Election Day observation is based on the Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT)methodology. The observers are deployed at the statistically sound, representative, randomly selected electoral precincts, that gives possibility to extrapolate the the statistical data throughout the entire county and provide a possibility of accurate and comprehensive evaluation. Apart from the randomly selected precincts, ISFED also osbserves special precincts at the prisons and in military units.
ISFED has observed all elections in Georgia since 1995. The organization has conducted all of its observation missions based on the Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT) methodology since 2003.
ISFED presents statistical data about the process of voting throughout the day, which is based on the analysis of the information, received through the Parallel Vote Tabulation method.

Main Findings
Based on the PVT, ISFED concludes, that the election day was conducted mosty in calm environment, with some specific violations taking place. In the majority of precincts the voting was conducted according to the legally-prescribed procedures. The significant shortcoming of the day is the fact that in 6% of precincts the marking procedure was conducted improperly. This procedure is an important mechanism for preventing the falsification of the elections.
At 97% of precincts, throughout Georgia, the registrars always requested voters to present the proper document for identification. In 3% of precincts, the identity documentation was not requested from some individual voters; according to the data of 2008 Parliamentary Elections, the identity documentation was requested in 98% of the precincts.
At 97% of precincts, the inking was checked according to the established rules, and in 3% of the precincts marking was not checked. In 2008 the inking was always checked in 94% of cases.
In 97% of precincts the ballots were always being confirmed with signature and stamp, while in 3% of precincts, not confirming of ballots were identified. In 2008 the ballots were always being confirmed in 98% of the precincts.  
According to ISFED in 93% of precincts inking was always applied to voters with the special liquid. In 6% of precincts the inking was not always conducted. In 2008 inking of voters was always performed in 93% of cases.
In 98% of precincts there was no violation of secrecy of the ballot identified. In 2% of the cases the secrecy of the ballot was violated. In 2008 the secrecy of the ballot was ensured in 91% of cases.
Throughout Georgia in the 96% of precincts reported that there were no cases of pressure or intimidation, in 4% of precincts such cases were identified.
At 20:00, in 99% of the precincts there were no voters’ queue or all of the voters were given possibility to vote.
The representatives of “Georgian Dream” observed electoral processes in 93% of the precincts, “United National Movement” observers – in the 90% of the precincts, “Christian Democrats” representatives observed 80% of the cases and “New Rights” representatives conducted observation in 64% of the cases. From the rest of the parties, all or some of them conducted observation at 81% of the precincts.

Up to this time ISFED observers filed 50 complaints to the precinct electoral commissions and 33 complaints to the district electoral commissions.
ISFED presents the detailed information about the violations, identified by the organization’s observers in the electoral precincts throughout Georgia. 
  •  2 cases of violating observer rights - in Batumi precinct #49 and Didube #26
  •  2 cases of presence of the unauthorized persons – in Mtskheta precinct #27 and Ozurgeti # 23.
  •  2 cases of voting with improper documentation – Poti precinct #33 and Kobuleti #1.
  •  3 cases of  voter list problems – Didube precinct #26, Sachkhere #19 and Batumi #21.
  •  10 cases of improper processing/filling of electoral documentation – Marneuli #11, Krtsanisi #4, Keda #22, Didube #1, Saburtalo #21, Kutaisi #95, Gurjaani #41, Chokhatauri #20,  Poti #30 and Mtskheta #18, some cases of which have been resolved.
  •  One case of damaging the integrity of seal of the electoral box and the materials at the Gardabani precinct #25.
  •  2 cases of campaigning at the precinct – in Bolnisi precinct #62 and Gldani #54. In addition, at the Tetritskaro #5, Dmanisi #7, Aspindza #17, Vake #80 different types of violations have occured.
ISFED will present the information about the vote-counting procedure and the election results tomorrow,October 2nd.
October 1, 2012, 22:30