NGO-s welcome the initiative to launch an investigative commission regarding the current situation in the court and call upon the Parliament of Georgia to support it.

On September 22, 2022, non-governmental organizations and public groups appealed to the Parliament of Georgia to create an investigative commission to study the current situation in the judicial system. The call refers to the alleged facts of pressure on judges, undue interference in justice, nepotism and concealment of income by judges, which have been repeatedly reported in the media in recent years. The mentioned facts have not resulted in an effective response from the law-enforcement agencies.

Democratic development of the country and the creation of a stable political environment are impossible without a fair and reliable court. In addition to the above, the systemic reform of justice is one of the fundamental prerequisites for Georgia's integration into European structures.

We consider the creation of a parliamentary investigative commission as the only way to answer many questions raised by the public regarding the current situation in the judicial system. Therefore, we welcome the initiative of creation of the investigative commission by the members of the Parliament, and we call on the Parliament of Georgia to support the creation of the aforementioned commission. We express our willingness to cooperate with the investigative commission and present all the information available to us, as well as to help in finding additional sources.


International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy

Group of Independent Lawyers

Democracy Index Georgia

Democracy Research Institute

Georgian Court Watch

Georgian Young Lawyers Association

Human Rights Centre