Russian law against Georgia's European future

Today, in the Georgian Parliament the construction of the Great Russian Wall has commenced with the aim of isolating Georgia from the rest of Europe. The parliamentary majority’s law undermines the Georgian people's ability to support and strengthen each other and work for our country's progress. It risks plunging Georgia back into an era of eavesdropping and repression.

Russian law labels our friends and their aid as hostile and declares their support for the Georgian people and our democracy as a threat.

Such legislation is prohibited in the European Union (EU), which has stated unequivocally that its adoption is incompatible with EU membership. Now, in this unstable and hostile geopolitical landscape, drawing closer to the EU provides a guarantee for our country's security, peace, social and economic well-being, and democratic development.

Any member of parliament who supports Russian law, either today or in the future, will bear personal responsibility for jeopardizing Georgia's European membership perspective.

We, the Georgian people have enshrined their desire for European prosperity and security in their Constitution. The choice for European development was made by our ancestors, and it is our choice as well. Russian law does not represent the will of Georgia. No to Russian law!