ISFED urges authorities to start reforming the electoral system within the shortest time possible

The International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) believes that in light of the future parliamentary elections, the electoral reform must focus on changing the existing electoral system. In particular, work must be done to introduce the electoral system ensuring that elections are conducted fairly, seats are allocated in proportion to votes, the risk of losting votes is decreased to minimum and the principle of equality of votes is observed. 

Three non-governmental organizations – ISFED, Transparency International – Georgia and Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA) have elaborated recommendations and are now urging the authorities to start discussing the regional proportional representation voting system within the shortest time possible. The system addresses existing challenges in the most effecitve manner. Notably, in its resolution about Georgia dated October 1, 2014, the CoE Parliamentary Assembly recommends that all stakeholders consider the proportional-regional election system.  

In light of the importance of the issue, we believe that the electoral system is the subject of general public interest and discussion. Therefore, we welcome large-scale discussions about the issue and stand ready to participate in deliberations about recommendations as well as any other proposal by interested parties. Other non-governmental organizations are welcome to join our recommendations about the new electoral system.