ISFED Observer was Interfered while monitoring

On September 29, at around 5 PM, a long-term election observer of ISFED was monitoring the “Lelo” political party candidate during the meeting with voters at the village of Sabatlo in Dedoplistskaro region. The party vehicle was on its way when it got hindered by people unknown to its passengers.

The observer tried to film the above mentioned incident, but the brother of the City Hall representative, as well as a local shop assistant, interfered with him. They asked him to provide some obscure document, which would declare his right to film at the public place. Moreover, the observer was called at the village center and was told that he “would not be able to leave the village”.

The observer dialed “112” and called the police. Later, when given the opportunity, he left the place. It is important to note that the police did not arrive on spot. The observer was later called at the local Police station of Arkhiloskalo village to write a notice.

After leaving the station, the observer was once again contacted by the police, who asked him to return to the station to clarify some details, because the local police chief was interested in the case.

When the observer left the station, he was contacted for the third time to arrive at the Dedoplistskaro station.

Investigation is in progress on the fact of threatening, article 151, I part. 

ISFED hopes that the investigation will progress in a fair and effective manner. The organization and its observers are ready to cooperate with the investigative bodies.

We would like to note that threatening and interfering with the election observers are completely unacceptable. 

The organization calls the political parties to make sure that their supporters act in legal manners, and abstain from interfering with the observers.