Supporting Free and Fair Elections Cycle in Georgia

Donor: The European Union 

Duration: 15 November, 2023 – 15 November, 2025 

Budget: 700,000 EUR  

Partner organizations: The Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (GFSIS) and the Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics.   

Project Objective: 

To improve the electoral environment in Georgia by fostering free and fair elections through comprehensive nationwide monitoring of electoral processes, promoting voter education and facilitating open and transparent communication between political parties and voters.  

Project Activities: 

  • To conduct comprehensive, impartial election monitoring of the 2024 Parliamentary and 2025 Municipal elections. 
  • To promote civic education on electoral rights, responsibilities, and processes in order to increase citizen participation and protect voters’ rights. 
  • To facilitate transparent and effective communication between political parties and voters, thereby promoting accountability, openness, and trust in the electoral process.