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Electoral Disputes as an Insurmountable Problem of the Electoral Administration

Quality of elections can be evaluated based on a number of criteria, including electoral dispute resolution process and analysis of whether this process allows to effectively react to electoral violations. Importance of electoral disputes may sometimes be underestimated or public may not always pay proper attention to this process, however, the way relevant authorities handle and react to complaints/applications filed is essential for ensuring free, equal and competitive elector- al environment. Their objectivity, impartiality and professionalism are directly related to and influence creation of a democratic electoral environment.

The purpose of this document is to provide a retrospective overview of the practice of resolv- ing electoral disputes about problematic issues identified during the 2018 presidential election by the electoral administration, as the major ac- tor in electoral dispute resolution, and evaluation of effectiveness of the electoral administration’s response especially to violations in the election campaign period.


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