Press Releases

ISFED monitoring mission for the 2022 by-elections

The International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) will be monitoring the April 2, 2022  Parliamentary and City Council (Sakrebulo) by-elections. Voters will be electing an MP in Rustavi-Gardabani majoritarian district and a City Council majoritarian in Batumi.

ISFED monitoring mission consists of 9 mobile groups, 21 observers deployed at polling stations and 3 observers deployed at district electoral commissions. On the Election Day, data and incident centers will be operating in the central office of ISFED.

ISFED will be publishing data provided by the monitoring mission periodically.

Election Day incidents and alleged violations are posted on the interactive map of the Elections Portal - Anyone with information on possible violations can report it by sending a text to this toll-free number 90039, or at the web-portal -