Press Releases

Presentation of the Election Day Monitoring Mission

Today, on October 15, the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy held a presentation of Election Day Monitoring Mission at the Hotel Courtyard Marriot. 
During the presentation Nino Lomjaria, Executive Director of ISFED provided an overview of Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT) traditionally used by ISFED for the Election Day Monitoring. 

The Parallel Vote Tabulation is based on reliable and time-tested principles of statistics. PVT is carried out at randomly selected election precincts and monitoring results are representative, meaning that information from election precincts is reflective of not only the developments at the given election precincts but also the developments throughout the country,” – says Nino Lomjaria. 

“Parallel Vote Tabulation entails presence of observers at randomly selected precincts on a permanent basis, from opening of the precinct through preparation of protocol of vote tabulation and sending of monitoring results in an expedited manner using high-tech means – cell-phone, text message and 3G Internet,” – says Irakli Naskidashvili, IT Specialist of ISFED. 

According to statistical rules, unless election administration or any other factors grossly interfered with Election Day processes, voter turnout and results announced by the election administration should not differ significantly from ISFED’s PVT results. Notably, results of PVT for the October 1, 2012 parliamentary elections were same as the official results announced by the CEC. 

ISFED will carry out the monitoring of October 27, 2013 Presidential Elections by means of up to 1000 precinct observers, 73 district observers and 73 mobile groups.