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An employee of the Social Assistance Service of Rustavi City Hall was fired illegally

Nino Kviria, the head of the primary structural unit of the Healthcare and Social Support Service of the Rustavi Municipality, says that in order to be fired, she was deliberately persecuted and the grounds for her dismissal were artificially created. On July 16, he was fired by order of the mayor.

Kviria states that in the process of performing her official duties, the main thing for her was to follow the basic principles of public service and to exercise her authority on the basis of protection of public interest. “I have not used my employment status for party (political) purposes or interests. However, until Novermber 2020, for 5 years, no disciplinary measures were imposed on any grounds provided by law. This is confirmed by the assessments received from the mayor, his former deputy and curator”- said Nino Kviria.

According to Kviria, after the 2020 elections, the mayor of Rustavi summoned her twice in November and December and asked to write a resignation letter. After refusing to write a dismissal statement, disciplinary proceedings were initiated against her on various grounds for improper performance of official duties and violation of ethical norms. According to her, the persecution is politically motivated and is initiated by Rustavi-Gardabani majoritarian MP Nino Latsabidze, who is interested in using the social service of Rustavi City Hall for political-electoral purposes, which yet started in the pre-election period of the 2020 parliamentary elections. Davit Kobakhidze, the head of the Georgian Dream regional office, also demanded the resignation of the self-government official. It is noteworthy that this meeting took place in Nino Latsabidze’s office.

According to Nino Kviria, she was personally summoned by Nino Latsabidze during the 2020 parliamentary elections, when she was a majoritarian candidate of the “Georgian Dream- Democratic Georgia”, and demanded the transfer of beneficiaries’ contact information and other databases within the program implemented by the Healthcare and Social Support Service. Latsabidze also called on Kviria to get involved in the pre-election agitation in her favor.

ISFED is defending Nino Kviria’s interests and plans to use legal protection mechanisms to determine her dismissal on political grounds.