Press Releases

ISFED has a new Executive Director

International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy has a new Executive Director.

ISFED Board selected a new Executive Director, formerly ISFED Programs Manager Mikheil Benidze. He holds an MBA from Proto Business School and a BA from Tbilisi State University. 

Mikheil Benidze has been working at ISFED since 2010, as a manager of development projects. He also worked as a manager of the elections portal. Over the recent years he has been involved in management and administration of both local and international missions (EPDE and ENEMO). 

Mikheil Benidze will replace Nino Lomjaria who served as ISFED’s Executive Director for four years. Under ISFED’s regulations, Executive Director is appointed for the term of four years. The board selected new Executive Director following a selection process that involved interviews. Mikheil Benidze will officially assume his responsibilities on January 18, 2016. 

Nino Lomjaria will continue to work at ISFED as a legal consultant.