Press Releases

Improving the quality of the court decisions on electoral matters

In order to improve the quality of the court decisions on electoral matters a two-day online pilot training was organised for the Georgian common court judges adjudicating electoral complaints.

The training course targets acting Georgian common court judges as well as judicial candidates, ensuring their sustainable professional growth.

During the event up to 30 judges together with the Chairperson of the Supreme Court of Georgia discussed the domestic and international standards on electoral dispute resolution, with an emphasis on the Council of Europe standards and the European Court’s case-law. Participants also discussed the ways to develop a common court practice on electoral matters particularly in light of the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The pilot training is conducted as a part of training series organised within the framework of the permanent training course on ‘Election Law and Electoral Dispute Resolution’ introduced at the High School of Justice in cooperation with the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED).

The event was carried out by the Council of Europe Project ‘Supporting Transparency, Inclusiveness and Integrity of Electoral Practice and Process in Georgia’.