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Facebook and Telegram Network Connected to the “News-Front” New Tactics and Messages


In 2020, Facebook, now known as Meta, took action against the Kremlin propagandist agency "News-Front" for violating platform rules related to coordinated inauthentic behavior. Despite the removal from the platform, accounts affiliated with the outlet continue attempting to disseminate their content through various tactics. To bypass Meta's regulations, the agency actively employs domain cloaking methods to publish its content. Since September 2023, "News-Front" has significantly increased its presence on the Telegram platform. It spreads anti-Western and pro-Russian content, as well as content targeting domestic political actors in Georgia on Facebook, by sharing links to its Telegram channel (“Iqneba Tu Ara Maidani/„იქნება თუ არა მაიდანი“).

In 2021, an investigation by ISFED uncovered that following the removal of News-Front from the platform, it became linked to the Georgian agency "Spacenews." The same inauthentic accounts, operating in coordination, began sharing links to content from both outlets across various groups, thereby violating Meta's rules. Monitoring of these agencies revealed the involvement of specific inauthentic accounts orchestrating the distribution of links from News-Front and "Spacenews" on Facebook. Moreover, another portal,, which currently operates as an entertainment clickbait[1] website, is also part of the network. Presently, 13 Facebook accounts, 2 Facebook pages, and 1 Telegram channel are actively involved in distributing content from News-Front, Spacenews, and/or Their content is shared within five major public Facebook groups.

Inauthentic accounts associated with these outlets are attempting to expand their audience by employing a variety of manipulative tactics, including clickbait headlines and entertainment content, all the while disseminating political content.

ISFED observed novel tactics of the accounts linked to the Georgian edition of the "News-Front" on Facebook and Telegram, used to circumvent the limitations imposed by social media platforms, and the main messages disseminated in the period from October to December 2023 by the actors engaged in the network.

ISFED observed novel tactics employed by the accounts associated with the Georgian edition of "News-Front" on both Facebook and Telegram. These tactics were utilized to circumvent the limitations imposed by social media platforms. Additionally, ISFED analyzed the main messages disseminated by the actors engaged in the network during the period from October to December 2023.


About the News-Front and Spacenews

The Kremlin propagandist agency "News-Front Georgia" has been active on Georgian Facebook since 2019, utilizing tactics to evade Facebook's restrictions since 2020. The outlet's primary objective is to promote pro-Russian and anti-Western sentiments. "News-Front" is established under the auspices of the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media of Russia, known as "Roskomnadzor," and is registered in Russian-annexed Crimea. Its leader, Konstantin Knyrik, is among the individuals sanctioned by both the European Union and the U.S. Department of the Treasury.


In April 2020, following the ISFED's investigation, Meta removed the pages, accounts, and groups associated with the News Front, due to significant violations of platform rules. The agency targeted not only Georgia but also several other European countries, disseminating materials in local languages. Inauthentic accounts associated with the Georgian edition of the outlet regularly shared pro-Russian and anti-Western news across various thematic groups.


After Meta's removal of the network and restrictions on sharing its content on the platform, "News-Front" began seeking alternative methods to carry out its information operations. One such method employed was the use of domain cloaking.


ISFED observed the narratives disseminated by "News-Front" following Russia's invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. The pro-Kremlin outlet was found to be denying crimes committed by Russian forces and spreading messages aimed at discrediting Ukraine and the West.


In 2021, ISFED uncovered the News Front’s connection with the Georgian agency „Spacesnews • სივრცეები”. Specifically, Inauthentic accounts share the agency’s articles within the public groups of thousands of users. Although „Spacesnews • სივრცეები“ emerged in July 2019, sponsored posts appeared since the 19th of November 2020. While the outlet predominantly shared articles with a neutral tone, the content carries anti-Western and pro-Russian sentiments to influence public opinion.

In 2021, ISFED uncovered the connection between News Front and the Georgian agency "Spacesnews • სივრცეები". Specifically, Inauthentic accounts were found to share the agency's articles within public groups comprising thousands of users. Although "Spacesnews • სივრცეები" emerged in July 2019, sponsored posts began appearing on November 19, 2020. While the outlet primarily shared articles with a neutral tone, the content carried underlying anti-Western and pro-Russian sentiments aimed at influencing public opinion.


„Spacesnews • სივრცეები“ was officially registered in 2019 as an „LLS Sivrceebi,“ fully owned and governed by Tamar Jojua. In 2021, Tamar Jojua was replaced by Valerian (Vaka) Gorgiladze, the former host of the TV show „Imedis Factori“ on Imedi TV. Presently, Gorgiladze hosts „Didi Sivrceon the radio station „Sivrceebi”.


The agency is affiliated with another company known as "LLC Media Holding Sivrceebi." Originally registered in the public registry in 2016 as "LLS Radio Tbilisi," the company underwent a name change in 2017 to "LLC Hamburg." In June 2023, it adopted its current name, "LLC Media Holding Sivrceebi." The director of the holding is journalist Eka Vepkhvadze, who owns 10% of the company's shares. Valerian (Vaka) Gorgiladze holds 20% of the company's shares, while the remaining 70% is owned by "LLC Sheri," which is 100% owned by Tamar Jojua. The Facebook page "რადიო სივრცე FM 98.5 Radio Sivrce" was established in June, and the agency's radio began broadcasting in the fall. – a new clickbait website

The domain registration for occurred on July 27, 2023. The website focuses on entertainment news, although it occasionally publishes political content. Judging by the nature of its content and the use of clickbait headlines, it appears that the primary aim is to engage users in order to effectively distribute political messages in the future.

The dissemination of links from in Facebook groups began shortly after its creation, starting from the end of July last year. These links were shared by the same inauthentic accounts that spread "Spacenews" content. Additionally, some of these accounts actively share links from the "News-Front" Telegram channel or used to spread it in the past.

The sharing of links from within Facebook groups commenced shortly after the website's inception, beginning towards the end of July of last year. These links were disseminated by -authentic accounts that also circulated content from "Spacenews." Furthermore, certain accounts involved in this sharing activity intensively distribute links from the "News-Front" Telegram channel, or have done so in the past.

New techniques of sharing links and clickbait headlines

Starting from the end of June 2023, both "Spacenews" and adopted new tactics within Facebook groups. Instead of directly sharing links to their content, they began posting photos in groups with a prompt to visit the link provided in the first comment. The actual website links are then shared within the comments section. Notably, this method is also utilized to disseminate links to "News-Front" materials from the Telegram channel on Facebook.

Screenshot 1: By: Msophlios Garshemo [Around the World]

“A bird brought news to me”. Who is the UNM bringing in Georgia for the 2024 elections?” To read more of Eliso Kiladze click the link in the first comment.

Screenshot 2: By: Msophlios Garshemo [Around the World]

Good news: waves will increase by 500, 600 and 700 GEL. To see whose wages will increase starting from the next year, go to the link in the first comment.

Screenshot 3: Group: Bidzina Ivanishvili’s Megobrebi Facebook-ze [Bidzina Ivanishvili Friends on Facebook]

By: Konstantin Chikviladze

Video: what happens to liberals when they hear the truth - Vazha Otarashvili talks at Inga Grigolia’s show. See the video link in the first comment.


The shift in tactics could be attributed to several reasons. With Meta's crackdown on coordinated inauthentic behavior and the removal of networks that violate platform rules, indicating a link in the comments may serve as a strategy to circumvent these policies. Placing links in the comments makes it more time-consuming for researchers to track and analyze coordinated behavior effectively. Moreover, the change in tactics might aim to increase click rates to the site. Additionally, posting photos could be an attempt to enhance engagement with posts.

Notably, links from all three portals were shared across various Facebook groups utilizing what is commonly known as clickbait headlines. The primary objective behind this approach is to boost click rates on the respective websites. While "News-Front" and "Spacenews" primarily disseminated political content, focused more on non-political content. A portion of the non-political content published on and "Spacenews" encompasses topics such as celebrity lifestyles, astrology, fashion, weather, sports, and culinary. This diversified content strategy aims to attract a broader audience and ultimately increase overall engagement.


Screenshot 4: By: Msophlios Garshemo [Around the World]

“Do this by December 23, though it might be late then” – Explore what does Mikheil Tsagareli says on the link in the first comment.

Screenshot 5: Group: Dedamitsis Garshemo [Around the Earth]

By: Msophlios Garshemo [Around the World]

“Many of you ask how I manage to keep a good shape” - Read more of Nini Badurashvili on the link in the first comment.

 Screenshot 6: By: Kutaiselis Gverdi [Kutaisian’s Page]

(Video) A storm of the century: Wave heights up to a meter! Shocking footage from Adjara, where a devastating storm struck. See more on the link provided in the first comment.

 Screenshot 7: By: Nika Minjoraia

Pension will increase by 1000 GEL. Who will be affected by the change read on the link in the first comment.


Accounts Related to the Platforms

ISFED observed that a total of 13 Facebook accounts, 2 Facebook pages, and 1 Telegram channel are currently engaged in the distribution of content from News-Front, Spacenews, and/or These outlets' links are shared within five prominent public Facebook groups.

*As of 22.01.2024Made with Flourish


The distribution of links from these portals across various Facebook groups by inauthentic accounts is coordinated with Konstantine Chikviladze, who serves as the head of the Georgian editorial office of "News-Front." Some of these accounts conceal their identities, while others resort to identity theft to carry out their activities.

Source: Yandex Image Search: Screenshot 8, Screenshot 9, Screenshot 10


Table 2. Pages that disseminate agency content

*As of 22.01.2024 Made with Flourish


Pages such as „Kutaiselis Gverdi“ and „Msoflios Garshemo“ primarily share the contents of „Spacenews” and


Table 3. Groups in which agencies' content is disseminated


Among the five public Facebook groups mentioned above, links to the "News-Front" Telegram channel are shared with the „ბიძინა ივანიშვილის მეგობრები "ფეისბუქზე"/ Bidzina Ivanishvilis Megobrebi “Facebook-ze”.

Slideshow: Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior

For years, Meta has imposed restrictions on the dissemination of "News-Front" materials. Consequently, like other malicious actors, they have shifted their operations to Telegram. The Telegram channel created for distributing "News-Front" materials was established on May 19, 2022. Later, on September 28, 2023, it underwent a name change to "Iqneba tu ara 'Maindani'" (translation: "Whether There Will Be a 'Maidan'"). This platform allows them to share links without restrictions, eliminating the need to alter domains or employ other identity disguise methods. To bypass Meta's limitations, the agency now distributes its materials on Facebook as links to this Telegram channel.

Screenshot 11: Channel: Whether there will be “Maindan” 

Pressure on Georgia is mounting. Will we survive? …. News-Front’s News and Analysis.


News-Front’s Propaganda Messages

The content shared by News-Front predominantly consists of messages targeting opposition parties, the West, and Ukraine. Some of its content expresses pro-Russian sentiments too.

Discrediting Messages Against Salome Zurabishvili

"News-Front" actively reported statements made by "People's Power" and other pro-government actors, some of which attacked the President of Georgia, Salome Zurabishvili. Like opposition leaders, Zurabishvili was accused of attempting to open the second front ongoing war in Georgia and acting contrary to the country's pursuit of EU candidate status. Additionally, Zurabishvili was alleged to have abused her power when responding to a journalist's inquiry about the prosecution of the President of China, Sin Dzin Pin. "News-Front" also propagated content containing derogatory language and insults directed at Zurabishvili.

Accusations against Zurabishvili included claims of collaboration with opposition parties and a desire to form a political alliance with them. Various pieces depicted her as a potential leader of the opposition coalition, emphasizing previous criticism directed at her by opposition figures. "News-Front" extensively covered Nana Kakabadze's allegations against Zurabishvili, asserting that she portrayed herself as a unifying figure to enhance her public image.

Screenshot 12: Channel: Whether there will be Maidan

“Salome, as a president of liars, dissemblers, scoundrels, rogues, fibster and other thousand types of villains, welcomed everyone who previously publicly discredited and defamed her”- Read what Kadagidze says about the president.


Screenshot 13: Channel: Whether there will be Maidan

“She’s tries to emerge as a unifying force, but I hope Georgian people will see her as a mother of depolarization” – Go to the link to read what Nana Kakabadze says about the President.


Screenshot 14: Channel: Whether there will be Maidan

“When you humiliate your country and people three times in one interview, you name is Salome Zurabishvili! The victory of Georgian People does not belong to Ukraine”. Find out what Goga Khaindrava’s has to say:


Discrediting Messages Against Opposition Parties

"News-Front" also directed discrediting messages towards opposition political parties, accusing them of seeking to initiate a second war front in Georgia.[2] The outlet disseminated a video collage featuring statements from opposition political figures under the title "Who Wants War in Georgia." Additionally, the opposition was accused of prioritizing the interests of the West and America over those of the nation.

Screenshot 15: Channel: Whether there will be Maidan

“Yes, I want war” – Who wants a war in Georgia. Calls for war in one piece (video).


"News-Front" also targeted the "United National Movement (UNM)" and former president of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili. The narrative suggested that Saakashvili is influenced by the West, and Western forces aided the "Rose Revolution" of 2003. To support this narrative, "News-Front" articles cited statements from Russia's foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, linking the UNM party to potential revolution in Georgia. Some content directly accused Saakashvili of engaging in criminal activities. Additionally, Mikheil Kavelashvili, a representative of "People's Power," called for the prosecution of the UNM, and this call was actively shared and publicized. Attention was also drawn to internal conflicts within the UNM party and the assertion that the party no longer poses a threat to the Georgian Dream.

Screenshot 16: Channel: Whether there will be Maidan

Georgian Dream is calm due to the internal conflict within the United National Movement, and some assume that the next government will also be single-party.

Screenshot 17: Channel: Whether there will be Maidan

“What Washington taught Saakashvili, he executed obediently” – What did Lavrov say at the opening of OSCE Ministerial:


News-Front also publicized pro-governmental actors’ including the People’s Power, discrediting content targeting Lelo’s leader, Mamuka Khazaradze and Giorgi Gakharia, the leader of the "For Georgia" party. Concerning Khazaradze, they referred to his background in the banking sector, while Gakharia was accused of having undisclosed ties with the UNM.


Screenshot 18: Channel: Whether there will be Maidan

Which one is bigger scoundrel, Kezerashvili or Khazaradze? “Mr Offshore” or “Old Scoundrel?” Explore more:

Screenshot 19: Channel: Whether there will be Maidan

To win the heart of the sect of UNM supporters, Giorgi Gakharia threatens to uncover the names of those 20-25 people, who become richer at the expense of people. Explore more:


Messages Targeting the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)

“News-Front” publicized anti-CSO content too. Specifically, Nana Kakabadze, accused the CSOs of engaging in revolutionary scenario and anti-government actions. Furthermore, western foundations were accused of instigating disruption in Georgia.


Anti-Western and anti-Ukrainian narratives

A narrative has been circulated suggesting that Georgia's EU membership prospects may be delayed due to concerns about its economic conditions and its perceived status as not fully part of Europe. This narrative warns of potential negative economic consequences, such as price surges and the disruption of economic ties with Russia, while questioning whether EU integration would truly benefit the country. Moreover, EU integration is associated with the potential neglect of traditional values, described as "assimilation into Western values," promotion of the rights of the queer community, and the denial of the Orthodox Christian faith. The narrative also highlights the danger of opening a second front in the war in Georgia. Georgia's aspirations for EU membership are intensively discredited, with public opinion polls demonstrating high support for EU integration being framed as public opinion manipulation.


Screenshot 20: Channel: Whether there will be Maidan

"The Kiev regime should be declared a terrorist regime, after all" - Eurasia Institute.

Screenshot 21: Channel: Whether there will be Maidan

Insinuations regarding the EU membership candidate status overshadowed the rest of the news and events. What Hamlet Chipashvili has to say on this?

Screenshot 22: Channel: Whether there will be Maidan

The generation of 30 years of brainwashing will not persevere and will assimilate in Western culture, while Asia will entirely absorb it. Read what Maia Dvaladze has to say:


The West has faced intense accusations of interfering in Georgia's domestic affairs. President Vladimir Putin's statements regarding the West's aggressive goals in Ukraine have been extensively amplified. "News-Front" publicized Putin's statement accusing the West of supporting Russophobia and neo-Nazism. Additionally, certain content featured messages from representatives of "People's Power" criticizing Ukrainian high-ranking officials for initiating draft laws on lobbying. The platform also disseminated messages against European Parliament member Viola von Kramon, using offensive language towards her.


Screenshot 23: Channel: Whether there will be Maidan

“Institutions controlled by the west reveal Russophobia and bias” – Check out Vladimer Putin’s full statement.

Screenshot 24: Channel: Whether there will be Maidan

(The specie of “UNM liberals” (used pejoratively)) Viola Von Kramon criticizes the planned rehabilitation works of the Rustaveli Avenue. Read more here.

Screenshot 25: Channel: Whether there will be Maidan

The west doesn’t want to give up their aggressive goals in Ukraine and the strategy of Russia’s deterrence. Though Russia is not planning to give up its operation as well. Read more on Vladimer Putin’s statement here: 

A statement from "The Eurasia Institute" was published on "News-Front," urging the Russian government to label the Ukrainian government as a terrorist regime and emphasizing perceived threats from Ukraine to Georgia. Shared content extensively accused Ukraine of destabilizing the region. Concurrently, a disinformation narrative circulated, suggesting that the tragedy in Bucha was a staged event with support from the West. Furthermore, the disagreement among European countries regarding allocated aid to Ukraine was highlighted, along with information on challenges that persist in the US and the European Union in providing assistance to Ukraine.

In the latter half of December 2023, a narrative surfaced suggesting that the ongoing protests in Serbia bore resemblance to a "Color Revolution." Concurrently, there were opinions asserting that the events in Serbia served as a rehearsal for a potential coup in Georgia in 2024.

Screenshot 26: Channel: Whether there will be Maidan

“Serbia is the last rehearsal for Georgia” – what to expect next year in Nana Kakabadze’s opionin. Read here.

Screenshot 27: Channel: Whether there will be Maidan

“Refusal to provide the list of victims of Bucha tragedy for Russian side and media, means that what happened in Bucha was staged by Ukraine, with the help of the US and UK”, read Maria Zakharova’s statement here.


Pro-Russian and Pro-Chinese Messages

News Front content promoted Russia's perceived advantage in the war with Ukraine, emphasizing its increasing influence and power. Additionally, the combative techniques and resources of the Russian army in Ukraine were positively portrayed.

Screenshot 28: Channel: Whether there will be Maidan

Russia’s military force is boosting – Read Vladimer Putin’s full order here:

Screenshot 29: Channel: Whether there will be Maidan

Ukrainian sniper: who considers Russians cowards, come and watch how they are fighting!


News-Front also portrayed Russia as a primary factor for its existence and as the country's historical ally. The narrative suggested that Russia supported Georgia in preserving its "traditions" and "way of life." News-Front content depicted Vladimir Putin as a defender of traditional values and a strong leader of the country.


Screenshot 30: Channel: Whether there will be Maidan

"Unlike some other countries, Russia cannot give up its sovereignty for some sausage/meat and become a satellite country" - Read Putin’s full statement here.


News Front also published statements from Russian high-ranking officials. For instance, a statement from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Sergey Lavrov, was disseminated, insinuating that Georgia was joining the 3+3 format, although the Georgian side did not confirm this. Additionally, the statement of the de facto leader of Abkhazia, Aslan Bzhania, asserting that Armenia and Georgia are under Western influence while Abkhazia remains independent, was shared. Furthermore, a letter from Valery Kvaratskhelia, the head of the "Georgia-Russia Friendship Center," was also published. In the letter, it was suggested that Prime Minister Gharibashvili had two options: either follow the path of King Erekle and foster closer ties with Russia, or follow Pashinyan's path and pursue the "Ukrainization" of Georgia.

Screenshot 31: Channel: Whether there will be Maidan

Gharibashvili shall choose to pursue either Erekle’s, or Pashinyan’s path.

Screenshot 32: Channel: Whether there will be Maidan

According to Lavrov, Georgia will join 3+3 format. Read Lavrov’s full statement here:

In addition to highlighting Georgia's relations with Russia, shared content also portrayed Georgia-China relations positively. Specifically, the content included a statement from Sozar Subar, a member of "People's Power," who emphasized that both the EU and Ukraine have strategic partnership agreements with China. Thus, Subar argued that opposition parties' resistance to Georgia-China relations contradicts Georgia's national interests.


Propaganda Messages on Spacenews and

When Spacenews shifted its focus to disseminate both political and entertainment content, primarily concentrated on sharing entertainment and non-political content. Various themes were covered, including crime, sports, astrology, weather, health, culinary, fashion, and celebrity lifestyle. Although a small portion, some political content would also appear on the platform.

Screenshot 33: By: Msophlios Garshemo [Around the World]

“There will be conflicts in the families, because..” – Find out what Mikheil Tsagareli's December astrological prognosis says about the last month of the year. Read more on the link provided in the first comment.

Screenshot 34: Group: Msophlios Faqtebi [World Facts]

By: Nika Gongadze

Three secrets of Irina Shayk’s beauty that helps her to combat weight and wrinkles. Read more on the link provided in the first comment.


Spacenews predominantly disseminated anti-opposition content, often intertwining it with anti-Western and anti-Ukrainian sentiments. The platform's strategy involved sharing statements from government loyalists, such as Lali Moroshkina, members of the People's Power, and self-proclaimed pro-governmental experts, to convey anti-opposition messages.


Messages Concerning Georgia’s Domestic Affairs

Spacenews and content alleged that the opposition was plotting a Maidan scenario and attempting to incite a second front in the war in Georgia. Spacenews specifically covered articles discussing the potential non-peaceful means to regain control of breakaway territories and the potential for revolution. Additionally, the opposition was accused of opposing Georgia's status as a candidate country for EU membership.

Screenshot 35: Group: Saqartvelo [Georgia]

By: Tamta Mgaloblishvili

“Thanks to the Government! Condolences to the opposition”, says Lali Moroshkina. More details on the link provided in the first comment.

Screenshot 36: Group: Saqartvelo [Georgia]

By: Tamta Mgaloblishvili

“No elections, only revolution!” – Girogi Arveladze. View more on the link provided in the first comment. 

To discredit the opposition, Spacenews and extensively covered internal conflicts within opposition political groups. They distributed posts in various Facebook groups that targeted Tamar Chergoleishvili, a member of "European Georgia," and other opposition figures. News coverage particularly spotlighted ongoing internal clashes within the United National Movement.

Screenshot 37: By: Msophlios Garshemo [Around the World]

Kezera (Kezerashvili) scolded Levan Khabeishvili and others, who paid a visit to him” – Eliso Kiladze discusses the denigration of high-level opposition figures. To read more visit the link provided in the first comment.

Screenshot 38: Group: Dedamitsis Garshemo [Around the Earth]

By: Msophlios Garshemo [Around the World]

“Those who advance your careers by climbing up on this degenerated organism, you are corpse’s parasite” – view Tamar Chergoleishvili’s comment on the link provided in the first comment.


Both outlets targeted Georgia's former president, Mikheil Saakashvili. Some news pieces pejoratively covered Sopho Japharidze's, a member of the United National Movement, meeting with the Georgian diaspora in the US. Spacenews shared content directly accusing Saakashvili of criminal activities.

Screenshot 39: By: Msophlios Garshemo [Around the World]

This time, Sopho Japharidze visited the local bazaar, where she met with workers and discussed how unique Saakashvili is (photos included). Read more on the link provided in the first comment.

Screenshot 40: Group: Bidzina Ivanishvili’s Megobrebi Facebook-ze [Bidzina Ivanishvili Friends on Facebook]

By: Konstantin Chikviladze

Sopho Japharidze is in the US with “Misha’s (Saakashvili) cake” (photos included). Read more on the link provided in the first comment.


Some news pieces targeted the leaders of “Lelo” and “Strategy Aghmashenebeli”, Mamuka Khazaradze and Giorgi Vashadze, respectively. For instance, government loyalists cynically referred “Georgia’s Defense Act”, as “Georgia’s Defeat Act”, as well as highlighting Khazaradze’s involvement in banking system.

Screenshot 41: Group: Dedamitsis Garshemo [Around the Earth]

By: Msophlios Garshemo [Around the World]

Tako Charkviani about Mamuka Khazaradze: when you charge a 31% interest rate on a 2% deposit, you are a usurer, a load shark, aren’t you? Read on the link provided in the first comment how this man was confluent with Saakashvili.

Screenshot 42: Group: Msophlios Faqtebi [World Facts]

By: Nika Minjoraia

Giorgi Vashadze’s new business: internship at the “Strategy Aghmashenebeli”. To read more go to the link in the first comment.

Spacenews and, similar to News Front, shared content targeting President Salome Zurabishvili. For example, publicized Zurab Kadagidze's statement, a member of the "People's Power," accusing the president of colluding with opposition parties. Additionally, government loyalists criticized the president for referring to Ivanishvili as an oligarch. Spacenews deceptively mentioned political commentators expressing faith in Zurabishvili's political leadership for the upcoming 2024 elections. Shared content also questioned and undermined Zurabishvili’s competence.

Screenshot 43: Group: Bidzina Ivanishvili’s Megobrebi Facebook-ze [Bidzina Ivanishvili Friends on Facebook]

By: Konstantin Chikviladze

“The traitor Zurabishvili is, the same type of politician she turned out to be” – Read Goga khaindrava’s statement on the link provided in the first comment.

Screenshot 44: Group: Msophlios Faqtebi [World Facts]

By: Kutaiselis Gverdi [Page by Kutaisian]

“We were aware how stupid you were but had no idea if you were such an ignorant” – Zurab Kadagidze refers the president. To read more, click the link provided in the first comment.


On the other hand, Spacenews and actively covered news related to wage and pension increases and social assistance, promoted as "good news." Additionally, they amplified messages from government loyalists, portraying the European Commission's positive recommendation to grant Georgia the status of a membership candidate as an achievement of the government.

Screenshot 45: By: Msophlios Garshemo [Around the World]

View the good news: whose wage will rise this month? To read more click the link in the first comment.

Screenshot 46: Group: Bidzina Ivanishvili’s Megobrebi Facebook-ze [Bidzina Ivanishvili Friends on Facebook]

By: Giorgi Beridze

Good news: Wages are set to increase by 500, 600 or 700 GEL. To read whose wages will increase strating next year, view the link in the first comment.


Anti-Western and Anti-Ukrainian Messages

Quoting a pro-governmental expert, Spacenews also shared content attacking the recently appointed US ambassador to Georgia, Robin Dunnigan. This was prompted by her statement criticizing Georgia-China relations due to China's ties with Russia. Additionally, in one of the pieces, Western political leaders Boris  Johnson and Joe Biden were accused of dragging Georgia into the ongoing war, with similar accusations directed at Ukrainian politicians.


Screenshot 47: Group: Dedamitsis Garshemo [Around the Earth]

By: Msophlios Garshemo [Around the World]

“Keep killing Ukrainian people, a monkey like you, Johnson, clawn Zelenski and Biden do not care. You destroy Ukraine. Is that what you wanted in Georgia too?” – Oqitahsvili asks Arakhamia. To read more, view the link in the first comment.



[1] Clickbait refers to content designed specifically to capture the reader's attention and entice them to click on a promoted link.

[2] According to the Communication on the EU Enlargement Policy, “after recognizing the European perspective of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia and granting Ukraine and Moldova candidate status, these three countries became a target of a new wave of information manipulation operations, aiming at discrediting EU integration aspirations, accusing the West and the EU in the hazardous security situation in the region. Moreover, a special disinformation campaign was aiming at propagating the message that the West intends to instigate a second war front in Georgia against Russia.



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