2012 Parliamentary Elections

2012 Parliamentary Elections Statement Closing of Precincts and Election Results

International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy  
2012 Parliamentary Elections

Closing of precincts and election results
The International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy conducted the monitoring of the 2012 Parliamentary Election Day and summarizing of results throughout the entire territory of Georgia, in all 73 electoral districts. On the 2012 parliamentary elections ISFED observation mission comprised of 1271 accredited and trained observers, deployed at precinct, district and central election commissions, and as mobile teams within the electoral districts.
ISFED conducted the Election Day observation based on the Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT) methodology. The observers were deployed to the statistically sound, representative, randomly selected electoral precincts, which gave a possibility to extrapolate the statistical data throughout the entire county and provided a possibility of the accurate and comprehensive evaluation. Apart from the randomly selected precincts, ISFED also observed special precincts at prisons and in military units, as well as, some precincts, located abroad (Kiev, Budapest, Brussels).
ISFED has observed all elections in Georgia since 1995. Starting from 2003 the organization has conducted all of its observation missions based on the Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT) methodology.
Based on the analysis of the data, received through the Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT), ISFED presents the statistical information about the vote counting process and the results of the proportional elections.
Main Findings
Generally, voting process went well throughout the country. Almost all precincts opened on time, and while there was crowding outside of the polling stations in the first half of the day, only 3% of precincts reported crowding inside the polling stations. The significant shortcoming of the day is the fact that in 6% of precincts the inking procedure was conducted improperly. The secrecy of the ballot was ensured at 98% of the polling stations, a marked increase from 91% in 2008. Partisan observers from both Georgian Dream and United National Movement were present in 94% and 90% of polling stations respectively.
The closing process went well in most precincts throughout the country with 96% of precincts completing the count without major incidents. There were some exceptions, however. In Khashuri district the process of filling out protocols was delayed for unreasonable amount of time until the precincts were raided by Georgian Special Forces. ISFED notes that, according to the organization’s observers, Georgian Dream gained a majority of the votes in the stations observed in Khashuri.
Turnout was high throughout the country with 61% voting nationally and 64% percent in Tbilisi. The national and Tbilisi turnout figures represent an increase since the 2008 parliamentary elections data - 53% and 48% respectively. The turnout indicates the high level of participation as a record number of citizens exercised their right to vote.
Given the overall quality of how the Election Day process has gone, ISFED has confidence in the following PVT results for the proportional list election. ISFED has received full reports from 99% of its PVT observers. The PVT does not predict results for majoritarian ballots, nor does it predict the distribution of seats in the coming parliament.