2012 Parliamentary Elections

International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy Special Statement Regarding the Events in Khashuri Electoral District

According to the information, provided by ISFED observers, (that was shortly confirmed by the video footage from Maestro channel) mass deployment of the special security forces was observed on the territory adjacent to polling stations, and in some cases, within the polling stations.    


As a result, ISFED has withdrawn observers from all of the sampled precincts in Khashuri. According to the observers, selected by the organization, the precinct electoral commissions had already finished the counting process; however, the commission members purposely delayed filling of the summary protocols, and in some cases, stated directly that they were not intending to enter the counted numbers into the protocol to discontinue the electoral process. Also, according to the information provided by ISFED observers,“Georgian Dream” coalition was leading the ballot count at those polling stations.


The presence of security forces at the territory adjacent to the Khashuri district election commission was observed during last night. ISFED mobile group reported, that security forces were mobilized throughout the entire town.