2021 Local Self-Government

Social Media Monitoring - Fifth Interim Report

The International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy has published four reports regarding the October 2, 2021 municipal elections, describing and analyzing the ongoing formal and informal election campaigns on social media platforms. In this report, ISFED presents the results of social media monitoring from October 23 to November 6. The monitoring period on social media covers the election process on the October 30th second round of municipal elections starting from the week leading up to Election Day, Election Day itself and the week after.

In parallel to official campaigns of election subjects and political parties, there were ongoing, mostly anonymous, discrediting campaigns, on the most active social media platform in Georgia – Facebook and other less popular platforms that used to spread political messages. The targets of the discrediting campaign were media outlets and non-governmental organizations along with the current political processes and election subjects.

During the reporting period, ISFED observers scrutinized 1,757 posts posted on Facebook. The pages identified by ISFED and the description of their activities are available on the interactive website - www.disinfoobserver.ge.


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