Evaluation of the 2019-2020 Election Reform

As the 2020 parliamentary elections approach, the necessity of election reform has reappeared on the agenda. Through efforts of local stakeholders and international partners, on 13 June 2019, first meeting of the task force on election issues (hereinafter, the task force) was held at the Parliament of Georgia.

Even after lengthy discussions and majority of the task force members agreeing on certain issues, corresponding changes were not reflected in draft laws that were presented. These issues included, for instance, election administration composition procedure, electoral dispute resolution, campaigning through social networks, etc. Following a meeting it was unclear as to what the ruling party would include in the draft law that it would prepare. In that respect, the working process lacked foreseeability.

The present document summarizes recommendations presented by ISFED and Transparency International - Georgia on the most important issues of the election reform and amendments introduced in the legislation.