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The information trajectory of news about Gakharia-Kezerashvili alleged cooperation

On may 27, Online news outlet “” has published information claiming that David Kezerashvili finances new political party of Giorgi Gakharia. The author of the article is a journalist Keti Khatiashvili, who references the informant as a “credible source”.  

Shortly, the information citing was spread via different media outlets on Facebook pages and groups.  In public groups, the material was disseminated by the media sources itself or a dubious personal account. Media outlets that shared the news included: PosTV, Imedi News, Media Center Mtavari,, Marshalpress, Tvalsazrisi, Exclusive News, InternetPublishing Leader, Mediaholding Sunday, Spacenews, Primetime.  

The spreading tactic, which in some cases has been sponsored, took a form of coordinated discrediting campaign. For instance, the page called “Informative Blog” sponsored post regarding the financing of the party.  

„“ is an online news-source created in 2019, which shares anti-opposition views. The name resembles another popular online media “”. The web-name similarity was likely intended to increase credibility among readers.