Enhancing Civic Participation in Legislative Reform

Duration: 1 April, 2015 – 31 March, 2016

Budget: 40,250 USD


Project Objectives are:

• To promote civic participation in democratic reform processes

• To endorse the advocacy campaign aimed at supporting the civil society recommendations

• To facilitate exchange of information and dialogue between civil society, political parties, government, media and other stakeholders throughout the reforms.


Project Activities:

• Elaborate recommendations in respect of electoral, local self-government and constitutional reforms;

• Participate in the work of the constitutional commission and other working groups created for electoral and local self-government reforms;

• Advocate recommendations on electoral reform and provide information to the public by videos, infographics, leaflets press-conferences, interviews and statements. Post information about reform on the web-site of the organizations and social networks; 

·      • Participate in 9 round-table meetings in regions and Tbilisi organized by partner organization for providing information about elaborated recommendations to the public.