NGO Engagement in Electoral Reforms

Duration: 1 February, 2018 – 14 September, 2018 
Budget: 37,271 USD 

Project Objectives are: 
  • To promote fairness and transparency in continued Georgian electoral reform.  To facilitate civil society participation in the local self-government reform process. 
Project Activities: 
  • ISFED will produce and present three policy briefs, focusing on changes to the national electoral system, suggested changes in the local electoral system, and the rules governing the composition of the electoral administration; 
  • ISFED will conduct an analysis of the electoral system used in local elections. 
  • ISFED will produce a report with concrete recommendations for the Georgian government. The report will be presented at the event in Tbilisi; 
  • ISFED will produce a policy paper analyzing recent changes in the rules governing the formation of the electoral administration. The paper will be presented at an event in Tbilisi for experts and representatives of the election administration; 
  • ISFED will continue to advocate for reforms throughout the project period.