Legislative Reform

Project Budget: 42675 USD

Project Objectives:

The project aims to:
 To promote civic participation in democratic reform processes; 
 To promote the fairness and transparency of the Georgian electoral process; 
 To encourage decentralization and the independence of local government in Georgia.

Project Activities: 

Within the project ISFED will carry out following activities:
 Elaborate recommendations in respect of constitutional, electoral and local self-government reforms;
 Participate in the work of constitutional commission, inter-faction working group and local self-government reform group; 
 Conduct 12 round-table meetings in order to inform society about the ongoing reforms. Target groups of the round-table meetings will be political parties, non-governmental organizations, representatives of local self-government and election commissions, media and other interested parties; 
 Provide information to the society about the ongoing reform process via talk-shows, press-conferences, interviews and statements. Information will be available also on the web-site and social media site of the organization.