Analyzing Judges' Professional Education System in Georgia

Duration: 15 February, 2018 – 15 November, 2018

Partner Organization: Institute for Development of Freedom of Information

Budget: 40 515 USD  

Project Objectives are:
  • Delivering a comprehensive analysis of legislative framework of HSOJ; 
  • Delivering an assessment of curriculum setting and other practical aspects of HSOJ to evaluate whether they respond to the needs and challenges within the judiciary system; 
  • Developing a set of recommendations for legislation and practice related to HSOJ. 
Project Activities: 
  • Comprehensive analysis of the current legislation and identifying gaps; 
  • Comprehensive analysis of curricula of HSOJ; 
  • Assessment of HSOJ’s training system, compulsory internships, and their relevance; 
  • Presentation of the project findings, recommendations and relevant advocacy.