Batumi City Court reinstated the person under the protection of ISFED and awarded him a compensation

On March 2, Batumi City Court invalidated the order of dismissal of Beglar Tsintsadze, the head of the administrative department of Khelvachauri Culture and Art Center, and reinstated him. The court also granted the request for compensation for unpaid remuneration until the final execution of the court decision.

On February 18, 2021, Beglar Tsintsadze was appointed the administrative department head of N(N)LE[1] Khelvachauri Culture and Art Center for ten months. Tsintsadze fulfilled his duties diligently and never faced disciplinary action. On January 10, 2022, without any notice, he was dismissed from his position due to the contract expiration.

It should be noted that the labor contract signed between the parties did not indicate the necessity of concluding an employment contract for less than one year. Thus, under court practice and legislation[2], the contract concluded between the parties is considered lifelong, and the employer has no right to point to the contract's expiration as a basis for dismissal.

Beglar Tsintsadze believes that the real reason for the termination of the contract is his political activity. In particular, Tsintsadze was a Khelvachauri city council majoritarian candidate and a member of the Gakharia – for Georgia party list in the municipal elections of October 2, 2021.

Megi Bakuridze and Tea Tedliashvili, the lawyers of ISFED, defended the interests of Beglar Tsintsadze in court.

ISFED, with support from the USAID Rule of Law Program and the Open Society Foundations, is implementing a strategic litigation project that provides free legal aid to those dismissed from their jobs on alleged political grounds.

If you believe that you have been dismissed from your job on political grounds, call or write to us: 0 800 100 143;




[1] Non-entreprenuer (Non-commercial) Legal Entity

[2] 1. Court of Appeal No. ას-118-118-2018, February 27, 2018; ას 1418-2018. December 13, 2019, No. ას- 33-2020 June 17, 2020