ISFED met with public servants in Zestaponi and Tskaltubo Municipalities

International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy continues the cycle of its meetings in the regions. On October 16 ISFED held meetings in municipalities of Zestaponi and Tslaltubo. The meetings were attended by municipal public servants and other stakeholders. 

Participants of the meetings received information about ISFED’s legal aid service for provision of free legal consultation, representation and preparation of legal documents for victims of illegal dismissals in public service, including following the process of competitions and certifications. 

Participants were eager to receive information about rights of public servants and legal mechanisms for protection of these rights. 

The meetings also featured discussions of issues related to electoral reform. Participants received information about drawbacks of the existing electoral system and heard views of NGOs, experts and political parties about changes in the system. Majority of the participants expressed their support for initiatives for improving fairness of the electoral system. 

ISFED’s representatives also interviewed and provided materials to local population. 

The meetings are held within the project Protecting Rights of Civil Servants for Politically Neutral and Discrimination-Free Public Service in Georgia, implemented by ISFED with financial support from the Embassy of Netherlands in Georgia, with the aim of promoting protection of rights of civil servants and establishing politically neutral public service and professional civil servants.