Supporters of the ruling party are interfering in the meetings of the representatives of the "Home to Europe" Movement

The “Home to Europe” Movement expresses grave concern over the obstructive and violent incidents occurring during meetings held by our members and supporters with the population in the regions.
Prior to the announced July 3 demonstration in Tbilisi, the members of our movement are holding informational meetings with the population on the importance of Georgia's membership in the European Union and the need to implement the 12 priorities identified by EU structures by the end of the year. We do not believe that the Government, which has a history of backtracking on promises made to international partners, will carry out the necessary reforms, and as such are demanding that these objectives be met by the “Government of National Consent – For the EU”.
Aggressive supporters and public officials of the ruling party interfered and disrupted the distribution of information booklets in Telavi, Khoni, Zugdidi, Samtredia, Kutaisi, as well as to students in Tbilisi. In some cases, these aggressive individuals organized themselves in groups and followed our representatives to interfere and obstruct them in their meetings.
We want to remind the public that these actions contain signs of a crime, in particular, the violation of the right of assembly under Article 161 of the Criminal Code.
We call on the ruling party to put an end to counterproductive provocations that damage the country's reputation.
The “Home to Europe” Movement clearly states that it is committed only to peaceful forms of assembly and calls on law enforcement to ensure freedom of peaceful assembly and to prevent further provocations and confrontations.
Despite the attempts to interfere and impede in our activities, our movement is only emboldened and motivated to continue pursuing its mission. We are also reassured that we are doing the right thing, which we will follow through in a consistent and planned manner.