Employees of ISFED Helping Victims of the Flood

The International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy expresses deep sorrow for victims of the flood in Tbilisi on June 13-14. We convey our condolences to each and every citizen of Georgia, and especially to families of those lost in the flood, and to Tbilisi Zoo for the loss of its employees and animals as a result of the disaster. 

We would like to express our gratitude for all those rescuers and volunteers who saved lives of humans and animals during the night of the disaster by putting their own lives at risk.  

The tragic events of June 13-14 in Georgia triggered unprecedented solidarity and sympathy. Streets in Tbilisi were filled with volunteers for two days, who were ready to contribute to the post-flood cleanup of their city and to help the victims. 

Every employee of ISFED, like many other volunteers in Tbilisi were helping victims of the flood over those difficult days and will continue to do so in the future. 

We hope that the scale of the flood that resulted in death of at least 13 people will prompt the Government of Georgia, and citizens of Georgia to take ecological issues into account and not to overlook them in making of certain decisions. 

ISFED’s employees from Tbilisi and regional offices will donate a share of their salaries for assisting the flooding victims.