Protecting Information Integrity and Enhancing the Resilience of Voters for Free and Fair Elections in Georgia

Donor: Supported with German Federal Foreign Office’s funds by the zivik Funding Programme of the ifa Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen

Duration: March 1st, 2024 – December 31st, 2024 (10 months) 

Budget: €75,985.98 

Project Objectives: To promote an equal and fair digital information landscape for the 2024 parliamentary elections in Georgia, empowering voters to formulate their opinions within a transparent environment devoid of manipulation and disinformation. The project endeavors to cultivate a well-informed electorate, especially among Georgian youth, women, and public servants, capable in identifying and countering disinformation on social media during elections.

Project Activities:  

  • Conduct training sessions targeting women, public servants, and Information Camp for youth.
  • Organize workshops for female politicians, civil society organization representatives, and media professionals to facilitate dialogue on gender-based disinformation and counter campaigns aimed at discrediting these stakeholders on social media platforms.
  • Conduct social media monitoring activities and produce blog posts and reports focusing on gender-based discrimination and political party campaigns observed on social media platforms.