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Assessment of the Media Environment - 2022

The Constitution of Georgia guarantees the freedom of media. The Law of Georgia on Freedom of Speech and Expression defines what freedom of expression means, what falls under this definition, and what exceptions are there when this right may be restricted.
It should also be noted that the standard of expression in Georgia is higher than that provided for in the EU guidelines.
Media regulation varies according to their type. Additional regulations, except for general regulations defined by the Law of Georgia, are not established for online and print media; however, the broadcast media is regulated by the Communications Commission, an independent regulatory body.
Media freedom is progressively deteriorating annually. The reports prepared by international organizations indicate the same.
Among the challenging issues related to freedom of media in the past few years are media polarization, violence against journalists, pressure on independent and critical media and lack of access to information.
The attempts of restricting freedom of expression deserves a separate mention. Representatives of the ruling party and the Georgian National Communications Commission often talk about the existence of liberal legislation in the country and indicate on the need of establishing various restrictions.
It is clear that the media is facing significant challenges today. The following document aims to describe and analyze current events in the media.






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