Press Releases

ISFED is launching a new project to empower a new generation of local civil society leaders.

ISFED with the support of Black Sea Trust, a Project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States is launching the project “Empowering New Generation of Local Civil Society Leaders in Georgia”. 

Within the framework of the project, civic education trainings will be carried out, which aims to create a diverse group of motivated young leaders, who will later, with relevant skills and knowledge, actively engage in social and political activities. 

Participants will attend civic education workshops related to the following topics: democracy and citizen participation, human rights, local self-governance and decentralization, elections, environmental protection, art of debate and etc.  Participants will also gain experience in project proposal writing and project implementation. 

42 young people from different regions will participate in the project. The trainings will be held in three cohorts and include five days of training.  

At the end of the trainings, young people will develop projects according to the needs of their municipality and community. ISFED will help them in the implementation process. After the completion of the project, a part of the participants will undergo an internship in leading local or international organizations.