Press Releases

ISFED Conducted the Election Day Simulation

Today, on June 10 , the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) conducted a simulation of the Election Day monitoring methodology - Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT). During one hour of the simulation 98 percent of observers successfully submitted their reports. PVT is an advanced monitoring methodology for evaluating the quality of the Election Day process. ISFED has successfully conducted seven PVTs, including the historic PVT during 2003 elections. 

Today’s simulation is part of ISFED’s pre-election preparations, aiming at testing five major components of the PVT system: 1. It tests the network connections; 2. It tests the observers’ understanding how to report; 3. It tests the receipt of SMS messages into the database; 4. It tests that all reports are complete; and 5. It tests the quality of the data using a sophisticated database. 

The simulation allows ISFED to identify the potential problems and then make any necessary corrections prior to the Election Day. The simulation is one of many quality control checks that ISFED implements to ensure the highest quality PVT.

Participation in the simulation is mandatory for every observer of ISFED to ensure high-quality observation of the Election Day. ISFED conducted trainings of observers throughout Georgia and provided its each observer with all necessary materials.  Following today’s successful simulation, ISFED is confident that its election observation mission is ready for the Election Day.