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Successful outcome of ISFED’s reaction – Khelvachauri Sakrebulo Chairman changed his decision

ISFED’s reaction about the problem identified in the process of filling vacant positions by contestants in Khelvachauri Municipality Sakrebulo had a successful outcome. 

Chairman of Sakrebulo Jumber Beridze was going to appoint a contestant who had received total of 10,8 scores in testing and interview instead of a candidate with 11,4 scores to the position of a lead specialist in management and organizational issues at the office of Khelvachauri Municipality Sakrebulo. The chairman explained his decision by saying that the difference between the scores was insignificant and the first competitor had 4 years of work experience. 

In its opinion ISFED stated that the chairman had legal right to make final decision about the appointment; however, based on principles of a competition, preference must be given to a contester with highest scores. 

Following ISFED’ s statement Sakrebulo Chairman changed his decision in favor of the contester with higher score. 

Taking into account recommendations of civil sector in the process of local self-government appointments is a positive development. This will ensure transparency and fairness of the process. 

International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy has been monitoring competitions and accreditations of local self-government employees, including tests and interviews throughout Georgia. 

In December ISFED published its first interim report highlighting observed trends and recommendations about accreditations and competitions.