Evaluation of the Election Day

On May 31, 2015 `International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy` implemented the monitoring of by elections of Sakrebulos held with the majoritarian election system at polling stations №34, №35 of Senaki district and at polling stations №45 of Zugdidi district.

According to ISFED observation, the opening, voting, and counting process conducted in a calm environment and without significant violations.

ISFED’s observers detected two cases of violation of voting secrecy in Zugdidi district at polling station №45. In one case the voter filled out the ballot outside of the voting booth and publicly announced about his decision. This action was left without any reaction from the members of precinct election commission (PEC). In another case, the voter took a photo of her own ballot. Later, she stated that the representatives of local government required her to do so .

Moreover, outside of the polling station №45 in Zugdidi district there were people recording the voters coming to vote. ISFED considers that this fact includes signs of indirect influence on the free expression of the voter's will.

ISFED didn’t submit any complaints on the Election Day.  Only one remark has been written in the record book.

Regarding the final results of elections, in Senaki district the candidate from `Georgian Dream` Malkhaz Torchinava won the elections with a 49.16% of votes andin Zugdidi district the candidate from `Georgian Dream` Vasil Gabisonia - with a 57.02%of votes.

Details about the final results: