ISFED will hold a meeting with protesters in Terjola

Tomorrow, on March 5 at 15:00 ISFED’s office in Kutaisi will host a meeting with candidates of competition held for filling open positions in Gamgeoba and Sakrebulo of Terjola Municipality.

During the meeting ISFED’s lawyers will hear concerns of candidates about the work of Terjola Committee for Certification and Competitions and will provide them with legal consultation. 

Regrettably, ISFED’s observer was prohibited from accessing interviews in Terjola Municipality and therefore, we were unable to observe the process of interviewing. 
Today, on March 4 some candidates are protesting against what they believe to be a subjective decision of the committee. They state that the committee selected candidates based on their political affiliation. Protesters are seeking abolishment of the decision and resignation of the committee chairman. 

To our knowledge, the assembly had up to 100 participants. 

ISFED is ready to provide legal consultation to all individuals who believe that their rights were violated in the process of competitions and certification.